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Lacto Bacillus Pafi Techno Resources Corporation (LBPTRC),LactoPafi for brevity, is a 100 percent Filipino-owned corporation,Incorporated on February 2002. It is primarily engaged in the manufacture of BFAD registered lactobacillus health drinks products.The products are currently marketed with brand names ”LACTOPAFI” and “Lactovitale”.It is also engaged in the manucfacture of probiotic pharmaceutical supplements and various personal care products.

LBPTRC has grown in both business and patronage in the local and international market. With the initial primary objective of“Bring Health into your Home”, it is now expanding its business coverage in the international market.It includes such as Norway, Thailand,India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and United States.

  The corporation has a very strong and innovative Research and Development team, which is composed of well-trained experts from the field of Chemistry and Biotechnology.The researches and studies for product development are continuous to meet the consumers' needs.

Our Vision

    LACTO PAFI - market-driven, innovative company, recognized as a world-wide manufacturer of probiotic products and its derivatives - is cognizant of the indispensability of probiotics in our life. We envision a world utilizing our quality and functional probiotic products for the maintenance of good health and perpetuation. Given the degradation of our environmental and our acquired unhealthy pratices and predisposition, LACTO Pafi is in search of products that will strengthen our immunity against harmful bacteria and microbes. With Lacto Pafi products virtually available to every home worldwide, healthy living indeed becomes the way of life.

    We bring health into your home.


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