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Written by Vice-Gov. Greg Sanchez Jr.   
Monday, 13 April 2009 14:45

Restoring the fertility of the soil
            Assertively, life on Earth depends on soil, because without soil there would be no vegetation - no crops for food, no forests, flowers, or grasslands. As such, these plants absorbed nutrients from the soil needed for its growth.

          Perhaps, however, some may not aware that a small area of soil holds a universe of living things, ranging in size from the fairly large to the microscopic: earthworms, mites, millipedes, centipedes, grubs, termites, lice, springtails, and more. And even a gram of soil might contain as many as a billion microbes -bacteria and fungi too small to be seen with the naked eye. All these living things form a complex chain: Larger creatures eat organic debris and excrete waste into the soil, predators consume living prey, and microbes feed on the bodies of dead animals. Bacteria and fungi, in particular, digest the complex organic compounds that make up living matter and reduce them to simpler compounds that plants can use for food.

          Virgin soil contains all nutrients needed for the proper growth of the plants. But, as the human population grows, the demands for food increased, that an extensive use of the soil for food production is essentially important in order to meet the demands. That farmers use synthetic chemicals and fertilizers so as to increase productivity. As the aftermath, previously fertile soil had gradually lost its power to provide nutrients for the plants, because worms, mushrooms, and microscopic bacteria living in the soil that would enhance its fertility had been diminished.

          Food production depends on the fertility of the soil. But, for most of human history, soil has not been treated as the valuable and essentially nonrenewable resource that it is. It has been destroyed by human carelessness.

          Pouring synthetic chemicals and overusing of commercial fertilizers could destroy beneficial tiny organisms living in the soil that enhance its fertility to promote the growth of plants.

          Founder of Lactobacillus Pafi Techno Resources Corporation, the first probiotic manufacturer in the Philippines, has not been shrinking to find solution that somehow could ease the burden of the Mother Earth.  

         A deepen thorough study has been spawned in the LBPTRC’s modern laboratory to accurately produce   probiotic fertilizer to replace the disastrous chemicals and inorganic fertilizers to the land and to rejuvenate microorganism by way of applying natural, organic fertilizers to recover the ailing agricultural land and bring back its normal bounty of natural fertility, harmless to environment and produce a bountiful production to feed the increasing population in the country and of the world.

          The impact of losing the fertility of the soil is dreadful, as it will result to economic crisis, shortage of food, and poverty. Sensing that the prices of the farming inputs are soaring high in which ordinary farmer could hardly afford to increase his farm produce, and so LBPTRC contrive a probiotic fertilizer which is within the means of the farmers.

          Lactobacillus Pafi Techno Resources Corporation landed to a less cost but credibly proven having the best nutrients of the plants and poured substantial microorganism to the land.  Vermin is the strong medium of producing the probiotic fertilizer---their excreted materials, or scientifically termed as” castings”, according to study, is the rich source of soil nutrients needed for the proper growth of the plants.

          It is not an ordinary vermin casts, it is probiotic fertilizer, because it is scientifically compounded with the multi-strains of Lactobacilli bacteria, the beneficial microorganisms to suppress the presence of pathogens in the soil that can cause diseases to plants, like “sigatoka”, which is a common disease on banana.  

          Moreover, GreGoGro probiotic fertilizer contains no toxic materials that can harm human’s health. Based on scientific study, applying this fertilizer on the land would supply important probiotic organic matter to balance the microbial populations in the soil, like a human gut, beneficial microorganisms should always prevail to keep the soil conditioned and healthy, and the growth of the plants would not be disrupted by diseases caused by pathogens.

          There was a comparative study between the inorganic fertilizer and Gregogro probiotic fertilizer. It was found out that probiotic fertilizers also produced quick growth on the plant, harmless to living being and provide a fresh atmosphere for a longer life.

          GregoGro  is scientifically manufactured by LBPTRC, a probiotic,  natural organic fertilizers,  that  contains a  complete  and  lasting  substance for the land,  to enhance the fertility of the  soil and  to protect the ecological system  on earth.

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