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Written by Vice-Gov. Greg Sanchez Jr.   
Monday, 13 April 2009 14:39

A continuous use of commercial fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides, in a long period of time, would exterminate the fertility of the soil and will turn the productive agricultural land into a barren land, because these chemicals strongly kill microorganisms that provide fertility on the soil.

          And not only killing microorganisms, but includes men, animals, and plants. This is tantamount of killing the future of our generation. What we all know is only the favorable side on it, and never mind the other side which produces devastating effects to living being.

          A tremendous bad effect on the continuous using of these chemicals can be detected when your land becomes a dead land, where there can be no sprig of grass grows, where your land would be liken to toys that are thrown away because they are no longer entertaining .

          This is a serious   issue  that  necessitates  farmers  to  be properly informed and to abandon using dangerous chemicals detrimental to the public as the  food we eat comes from plant cultured by these killer  chemicals  which  endanger  our lives.

           Many years ago, thousands of people in the province of Davao del Norte were afflicted by serious skin diseases brought about by spraying of chemicals in a large banana plantation. Another one was a calamity drawn in a wide fish culture at Calinan, Davao City, where all cultured fish were killed leaving the large  fish pond  poisonous and unproductive for a long period of time. Assertively, some members of the city council of the city government of Davao were contemplating to make laws prohibiting banana plantation owners to spray chemicals which found to be disastrous to the public.  

          Experts in the Lactobacillus Pafi Techno Resources Corporation in Cebu, Philippines, extensively made a scientific study on Lactoplant as the viable replacement of the old conventional method of farming.

           Study shows that Lactoplant is an effective growth enhancer that could boost production in a maximum level, harmless to living being and restores the fertility of the soil for life  

          Probiotic microorganisms in Lactoplant are extremely important to every agricultural system because it will substantially provide much fertility of the soil,
          Probiotic microorganisms in Lactoplant are extremely important to every agricultural system because it will substantially provide much fertility of the soil, beneficial to the farmers and profoundly hold   nitrogen fixation, mineralization, humus formation, diseases suppression and decomposition of any organic matters found in the area that wielded fertility of the soil for life.

         These beneficial microorganisms secrete useful substances to  an agricultural land, such as amino acid, fatty acid, vitamins and enzymes which are bioactive substances to promote plant growth and development; promote active cell and root division of the plant; prevent infestation of harmful insects and maggot; ferment organic matters without causing harmful influences caused by undecomposed organic matters, which means, they break down or decompose organic matters into simple substances that are readily absorb into the soil and evaporate into the atmosphere.

          But, these beneficial microorganisms were being extinguished due to heavy used of commercial fertilizers and controlling-disease chemicals, like pesticides, insecticides, fungicides that kill microorganism, poisoned our environment which causes devastating effects to human health, animals and plants, as, maybe farmers do not have a complete information that these chemicals endanger our lives, as the foods we eat are produced and cultured by these killer chemicals.

          Probably, farmers do not have the knowledge, that losing them (microorganisms) will barren the soil, resulting to low production, and making farmers too dependent on conventional farming method which the prices of its farming inputs are too exorbitant that make agricultural production cost very high, in effect, will rebound to buying capacity of the public, dragging farmers into a very low return.

This is such an urgent calling of awareness, Lacto Bacillus Pafi Techno Resources Corporation (LBPTRC) in which the creative mind of experts to manufacture Lactoplant is stirring and churning its scientific ideas to contrive a formula that could precisely answer this disturbing problem in our society, to help conserve the land from a vast destruction, to restore exact productivity of the land, and to heal the ailing environment. 

          Recently, LBPTRC launched their new probiotic product, Lactoplant Probiotic Growth Enhancer, which is meticulously formulated to boost agricultural production, is an environmentally-friendly, zero chemical and organic-based product that promotes a healthy growth of plants and effectively inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause severe diseases on plants. Using Lactoplant in all agricultural endeavors in the country meant a complete abandonment of the conventional system of farming - a system that creates a big yoke of burden to farmers and in our society.

          Lactoplant finely restores these beneficial microorganisms which are powerful tool to provide long life enhancement to the soil, fertilizers for plant, powerfully suppress plants diseases, and above all, bulge your pocket, as the product is made within the means of all farmers.
Fertilizer efficacy test on pechay
          To test its efficacy on “pechay”, there was a joint comparative study of LBPTRC with the Tropical Forest Development Foundation, Inc. (TFDFI), the FPA Accredited Researcher and Director, Research & Development, here in Cebu province. 

          It showed that with the application of Lactoplant Probiotic Growth Enhancer, the optimum production yield of pechay was increased to 10 -14% of yields over the inorganic fertilizer treatment.

          Lactoplant is now widely applied in almost all agricultural areas of the province, which strongly proved to be effective as growth enhancer of plants, powerful suppressor against disease-causing microorganisms that attack the plants. It wipes out poisonous environment.

Lacto Plant against Sigatoka

Sigatoka, Mycosphaerella fijiensis, is a fungal disease that attacks banana plant, which is a prevalent enemy of banana growers in the country that brought a catastrophic damage into their farming business.

Sigatoka disease could reduce the farm yield up to 50%, or more.

Growers used fungicide to expel these fungus, but they found out it is becoming resistant to the fungicide products, and so, more and more quantities of chemicals are being applied.

The Plant Pathology Research Laboratory, Crops Research Division, USM (University of Southern Mindanao) Agricultural Research Center (USMARC), in Kabacan, Cotabato did a deep-seated study on Lacto Plant probiotic growth enhancer, it showed bio-efficacy when tested against the Sigatoka fungal pathogen –Lactoplant inhibits the mycosphaerella fijiensis.

Lactoplant Probiotic Growth Enhancer was found highly comparable to the fungicide checks Dithane and Topsin including the organic control AZ 41 and the botanical control Amachzura Japanese Plant (Gynostemmapentaphyllum).

showed, thus, that Lactoplant has bio-fungicidal efficacy against Sigatoka fungus of banana under laboratory (in vitro) condition.  

          Lactoplant is profoundly infused with millions of beneficial microorganisms that promote plant growth and at the same time act as organic bio-pesticides and bio-fungicides.

Lactoplant on Fish Pond
          Lactoplant is a microorganism-based, which these beneficial microorganisms produce amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids that enhance the growth of animals or plants.

          In fish pond, Lactoplant is a superior protector of fish culture, as it heavily imbued with millions of multi-strain lactobacilli bacteria very much capable in turning undecomposed matters, like dead moss, animal manure, dried leaves, etc, into a beneficial substance useful for a fast growth of fish. These microorganisms will breakdown organic matters into beneficial substances that will not cause harmful effects to contaminate the water on the fishpond. It purifies dirty water into a friendly matter. It wards off disease-causing microorganism that attacks the vulnerable fish in the pond.

          Lactoplant reduces mortality and increases the weight of fish upon reaching its harvest period.

Benefits of Lactoplant

Suppress plant pathogens in soils – lactobacilli and other beneficial microbes in Lactoplant produce natural antimicrobials that inhibit the growth of pathogens. Through competitive exclusion, these beneficial microorganisms will quickly dominate the soil for resources, reducing pathogen to zero

Contains nutrients essential for plant growth
– Lactoplant contains substantial amounts of macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements are needed by plants for growth, flowering, and fruiting. Lactoplant also contains micronutrients, enzymes, amino acids required for healthy plants.

Increased resistance to pest and diseases – a healthy plant is much more resistant against the attacks of pests and diseases when compared to a sick plant. Beneficial microbes which have inhabited the soil and in the plant itself will help protect the plant against diseases.

As soil and compost conditioner – beneficial microbes help the soil regain lost nutrients. Nitrogen fixation is promoted and energy is replenished. Composts treated with the right microbes are ready in shorter time and the quality is better. This would lead to faster plant growth and greater harvest yield.

As deodorizer and vegetable/fruit wash
– Lactoplant applied to decomposing and rotting organic matter will help control odor. It also speeds up the decomposition process. Lacto Plant diluted in water in washing fruits and vegetables will help remove surface dirt, and traces of pesticides and chemicals. Lactoplant has a strong but pleasant citrus smell.

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