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Written by Vice-Gov. Greg Sanchez Jr.   
Monday, 13 April 2009 14:30

          Authoritatively, PafiGro is highly recognized by The University of the Philippines Los Baños, as the best probiotic growth enhancer for livestock in the country, today.

          U.P. Los Baños is publicly known as the leading educational institution in the country. Considerably, such popularity radiated largely, forging some prominent people from Asian countries like India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and others to send their children in U.P.  to study on  Agriculture, as they are  fully equipped with superior modern laboratories and upgraded technologies back up by sophisticated equipment, as such, it is, therefore, highly regarded as the mainstream of knowledge and skills of the people in the country, where the spine of the economic strength is heavily dependent on agriculture.

          On October 18, 2006, the Animal & Dairy Sciences Cluster of the University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Agriculture headed by Professor Domingo Roxas conducted a rounded study to test the effectiveness of PafiGro Probiotic Growth Enhancer for livestock, a product of Lactobacillus Pafi Techno Resources Corporation based in Cebu, Philippines.
The study on PafiGro
          The experiment consisted of two (2) stages. In each stage, there were four (4) groups of pigs. The groups are as such: 1) the control, where neither PafiGro nor Antibiotic Growth Promotant (AGP) were given; 2) the AGP group; 3) the group that received 5 ml PafiGro with their morning feeds; and 4) the group that received 10 ml PafiGro with their morning meals.
Objective of the research
          The study was conducted primarily to determine the effects of PafiGro on the growth performance of pigs as compared to Antibiotic Growth Promotant up to the slaughter stage at 80 kg. It also aimed to determine the effectiveness of PafiGro for scouring prevention for suckling piglets.

Results & discussion
          The first stage, it studied the effect of PafiGro in preventing scouring and on the daily live weight gains of suckling pigs. This stage started on Day 1 until the weaning age (Day 28) of the pigs. It was found out that the groups who received PafiGro have significantly lesser incidence of scouring compared to the control and the antibiotic groups. Piglets given PafiGro also had the highest average daily live weight gain.

          The second stage started after the piglets were weaned (on the 28th day) until the pigs reached 80 kg. live weight. It was found out that the pigs that received 10 ml of PafiGro in their morning feeds had the highest average live weight gain, this followed by the group that received 5 ml of PafiGro with their morning feeds.

          The results also showed that pigs receiving 10 ml and 5 ml PafiGro per day had a 7% improvement in feed conversion efficiency (FCE 2.31) as compared to either control (FCE 2.47) or antibiotics groups (FCE 2.54). This means that pigs given PafiGro had 7% lesser feed intake compared to the other two treatments.

          Experts observed that PafiGro is a fast lean meat developer resultant to produce a first class meat type of hog which grows faster because PafiGro probiotic growth enhancer protects the immune system of pigs against diseases keeping them in good health until they reach 80 kilos to harvest in a shorter period of time over the other using antibiotic growth promotant which kills some good bacteria in the digestive system that disturb its growth.

          Experts on the production of PafiGro had been perfectly produced this product that can be use in all stages of hogs, so that its protection against diseases will continue until they reach the desired weight of 80 kg. for slaughter.  In other words, it reduces mortality of suckling as they are taking probiotic growth enhancer to prevent them from scouring to effectively reduce mortality rate, means, it increases their profit.

          Now, if hog raiser can produce pigs in its desired weight in a shorter period of time, this will reduce feeds consumption up to 7%, means, a big additional savings.

          U.P. experts believed that when a hog raiser abreast this vital information on PafiGro, perceivably, they can make a big profit of about 12  - 16 % per harvest is a lot of money.

          PafiGro has deliberated much its efficacy being the Top Pig Probiotic Growth Enhancer among growth promotants in the country, a mark of its outstanding performance given during the Scientists Congress held at Boracay in the year 2005.
Distinctive advantage

          Assertively, the distinctive advantage of PafiGro over the others is that, it is the only probiotic growth enhancer in the country; it contains millions of live, multi-strain lactobacillus beneficial bacteria which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive system of animals, thus naturally enhancing the immunity of animals against disease and improving nutrient absorption and utilization. This product is abounded with vitamins and minerals, amino acids that contribute much to lessen the feeds consumption of pigs, but healthy and grow faster, means: low production cost; high net income.
Human health benefits
          PafiGro is an all natural, fermented extract from soya beans, molasses, milk and pure water with no preservatives in its components.

          In using PafiGro, the meat produced is absolutely no chemical residue that can harm to the human body, and more nutritious than that of the food produced from conventional livestock raising methods, using antibiotic growth promotants, which are harmful for human consumption resulting to various kinds of health problems.


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