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Lacto Bacillus PAFI Techno Resources Corp. is a customer-oriented corporation. We greatly value the the responses of our customers because it tells us how we can further improve and better out products.

Walter Day
Diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer


  Rosario Maningo
69 years old

Symptoms Last year, I noticed that I had lost my appetite to eat. As a result, I loose some weights. Sometimes I also vomit without any reason at all.
Diagnosis So I decided to go to a doctor to have a medical check-up. I was diagnosed that I had a liver and kidney problems.
Treatment The doctor advised that I should undergo Dialysis for my treatment. The treatment will cost me too much that I decided to pause for a while.
LactoPafi Testimonial Upon knowing the condition of my health, one of my neighborhoods offered his help. He introduced to me the LACTOVITALE health drink and its benefits of good health. Then I became interested on the product and bought one for my self. I tried to drink the product daily.
The Result After two weeks of drinking LACTOVITALE regularly, I noticed improvement in my physical well-being. I have gained my appetite to eat. I am grateful to LACTOVITALE health drink now that I can enjoy a healthy life.

Alfredo Nortesa
74 years old
Pinamungajan, Cebu

Symptoms Two years ago, I had an enlargement of stomach and experiencing difficulty in urinating.
Diagnosis Since I can’t bear the pain anymore I decided to have a check-up by a doctor. I was then diagnosed that I had a Gall Bladder problem.
Treatment I stayed in the hospital for one week. I was given medication for my treatment. Catheter was used to help me when I urinate.
LactoPafi Testimonial Soon after my release, I opted not to continue the medication knowing its side effects that will affect my health and well-being. Instead, I tried LACTOPAFI health drink as an alternative. I drink LACTOPAFI three (3) times a day.
The Result A week after regular drinking of LACTOPAFI, I had a very fast recovery of my ailment. I also feel that my well-being has tremendously improved. I have never taken any other medication. Since then, I consider LACTOPAFI a part of my life.

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