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Bogo, Cebu
Symptoms In September of 2005, I had a very high fever. My mother gave me the usual medicines for a fever. A day after, my temperature lowered.
Diagnosis But when my fever rose to 40 degrees again, my mother was alarmed and brought me to the hospital for a check-up. The result of the CBC examination shows that I had a dengue.
Treatment The doctor advised my mother that I should be admitted to a hospital for further observation. But my mother cannot afford to send me to a hospital. So we just went home without knowing what might happen next.
LactoPafi Testimonial My family had heard a lot about LACTOPAFI and its benefits of good health. My mother was interested and tried her best to purchase 1 bottle of LACTOPAFI health drink supplement. After buying one bottle, she immediately gave me one glass of LACTOPAFI.
The Result A day after, I felt I have regained my strength and my temperature continues to normalize. I also continue to drink LACTOPAFI. Then we went back to the doctor for a re check-up. To our surprise the doctor said that I am already fine and is now ok. Thanks to LACTOPAFI I am now enjoying a healthy life again.

Alberto Tapez

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