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Silverio Ybañez
66 years old
Mabolo, Cebu City
Symptoms In the year 2001, my life has completely changed. I started to feel severe itching and pain on my skin. Soon after, cracking and skin patches (plaques) topped by silver-white scales were visible all over my body.
Diagnosis I went to a skin disease specialist for a check-up. It was diagnosed that I was suffering from Psoriasis.
Treatment At first, I was using ointment to apply on the affected areas. But weeks after, it did not do much help.
LactoPafi Testimonial While joining a livelihood seminar, I came acquainted with LACTOPAFI where it was presented to the participants. I was amazed by some people giving testimonials of how the products have helped them. At once, I started using LACTOPAFI liquid to daub on the affected areas. I also drink LACTOPAFI liquid daily.
The Result After one month of using of LACTOPAFI liquid to daub and drink, I started to show signs of recovery. The skin all over my body starts to normalize. I can now sleep well at night without the feeling of itchiness and pain all over my body. I have been drinking LACTOPAFI for 5 years now. Thanks to this wondrous product, my life is back to normal.

Col. Jefferson S. Omandan

CENT COM AFP Camp Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City
Symptoms In December of 2001, I went to the U.S. and stayed there until January of 2002. Then I noticed something wrong. When I defecated, there was blood in my waste.I took it lightly and hope it would be gone soon. But it lasted for a week and so I got alarmed.
Diagnosis Then I went to a military hospital in North Carolina and submitted myself for an examination. The laboratory tests showed that something was wrong in my intestines.
Treatment So, I underwent the process they call colonoscopy – a procedure wherein a wire–like device with a video camera on its tip was inserted into my rectum. Images on the screen showed polyps growing on the walls of my intestines which they had scrapped.
LactoPafi Testimonial It was in 2004 that I learned about Lacto Pafi’s Lactobacillus. That time, the symptoms were recurring. My wife, who is a nurse, bought me three bottles and I gave it a try.
The Result After consuming one bottle in a week, I saw the difference immediately. The first bottle was followed by the second and the third. The symptoms were gone and I felt well again. I don’t have to go back to the U.S. and have the same procedure again because Lactobacillus is here.

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