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Marfen Lauren
37 years old, Mother of 5 kids
Carmen, Cebu
Symptoms Two years ago, having my own small business used to enjoy a healthy life. Then I noticed that I had lost my appetite to eat, cannot sleep well and does not want to move.
Diagnosis I went to a hospital for a check-up. It was then diagnosed that I had Anemia.
Treatment I was given medication to take. Since I cannot afford to maintain the intake of those expensive medicines, I tried to use LACTOPAFI health drink supplement as an alternative.
LactoPafi Testimonial As advised from my family, I bought the product from a nearby store. I started to drink the LACTOPAFI immediately after, and continue to drink 3 times a day.
The Result A week after consistent drinking of LACTOPAFI, I have become more energetic than ever before. The loss of appetite I felt has disappeared. My good health inevitably helps me a lot in my work to support the daily needs of my children.

 Miguel Angkay
65 years old
Inayawan Pardo, Cebu City
Symptoms Five years ago, I noticed that my legs started to itch. At first, the itchiness was bearable until such a time that the small scratch grew and widened. My legs swelled up making my walk difficult. In addition, the skin around my legs started to change color to black and the skin became thicker.
Diagnosis I had a check-up and was found out that I had an E.coli infection on both legs.
Treatment I was given an ointment medicine to help ease the itchiness to my legs. But the ointment did not do much help.
LactoPafi Testimonial While joining a livelihood seminar, I came acquainted with LACTOPAFI where it was presented to the participants. I was amazed by some people giving testimonials of how the products have helped them. At once, I started using Lacto Soap everyday to wash my legs then daub the LACTOPAFI liquid on the wound. I also drink LACTOPAFI health drink daily.
The Result One month after using Lactopafi Soap to wash and LACTOPAFI liquid to daub and drink, I started to show signs of recovery. My wounds start to heal and I can walk again without the pain in my legs. I always make sure that I will not be running out of LACTOPAFI health drink supplement.

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