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Edward Bella
Badian, Cebu
Symptoms In the year 2005, I used to stay with my relatives in Pardo, Cebu where I would roam around with my friends. Then I noticed itchiness on both legs. The scratch started out small but then grew and widened until my legs swelled up.
Diagnosis My mother, Maricor, brought me to a hospital and was check-up by a skin disease specialist. It was then diagnosed that I had a diabetes.
Treatment Immediately, I underwent 3 months medication of antibiotics intake and cream application on the wound. I stayed in the hospital for several weeks where I showed signs of recovery. A week after my release, my legs swelled up again, went red and started to scratch again.
LactoPafi Testimonial Right away, my mother asked the help of my grandmother who advised her to try LACTOPAFI. At once, my mother started using Lacto Soap every morning and afternoon to wash my legs then daub the LACTOPAFI liquid on the wound. Also, I drink the LACTOPAFI health drink supplement daily.
The Result After 3 days of using Lactopafi Soap to wash and LACTOPAFI liquid to daub and drink, pus went out of my legs. And after 2 months of consistent administration, my legs were completely healed- no swelling, no redness, no pus. I am grateful to my grandmother who introduced LACTOPAFI to us.

Catalina Susana Demecillo
84 years old
Albuera, Leyte

Symptoms I was 79 years old then when I had swollen legs making it hard for me to walk and had to use an umbrella as cane for support.
Diagnosis I had a check-up by a doctor and found out that I had arthritis. Aside from arthritis, I was also suffering from a heart and cataract problem.
Treatment I was given medication to relieve my pain. But I cannot consistently take those expensive medicines. Then I started to find alternative medicines to aide my suffering.
LactoPafi Testimonial While listening to a radio, I heard testimonies from people on how LACTOPAFI have helped them. Then I became interested on the product and bought one for myself. From then on, I drink LACTOPAFI three (3) times daily.
The Result After hardly 3 months, the arthritis pains have disappeared. I was able to recover from arthritis and can walk again without my umbrella for support. Also, my blood pressure normalizes and can clearly see. Since then, I am an avid user of LACTOPAFI health drink supplement for 5 years now and consider it as part of my life.

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