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Our mission is to enhance the health and well being not only of Filipinos but the rest of mankind through responsible stewardship of God-given probiotic products.

     We will offer affordable high quality products that will ensure good health leading to a more productive, enjoyable,active, worthwile and meaningful existence. We will keep advancing our technological edge without sacrificing quality and safety.We will continue improving our products and their applications through appropriate research. We will further entrench our reach with effective marketing so that more will have access to and benefit from our products. We will regard our work force partner in achieving our goals, equipping them with, the necessary knowledge, skill and training and ever mindful of their needs, aspirations and dignity.

LactoPafi Probiotics’ Potential Against the A(H1N1) (Swine Flu) Virus

Increase your Body's Resistance against bad bacteria and viruses. Take LACTOPAFI probiotic supplement. We use live good microorganisms to suppress bad microorganisms.

Antiviral Action of Probiotics (Lactobacillus)

- Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses
- To this day, there is no class of drugs that destroys viruses overall
- Some drugs, considered antiviral have side effects-
- The most effective approach to beating a viral invasion is to PREVENT VIRUS FROM BECOMING SUCCESSFUL once it enters the body
- Probiotic bacteria in our intestines are like vaccines – they help certain viral invasions from becoming serious threats-
- Probiotic bacteria have internal control factors to work against viruses. Without these controls, bacteria would have been extinct


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Lacto Bacillus PAFI Techno Resources Corp. is a customer-oriented corporation. We greatly value the the responses of our customers because it tells us how we can further improve and better out products.

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